Beatrice Earrings
Beatrice Earrings

Beatrice Earrings

Portrait-style earring, set with a lab-sapphires in yellow, blue, orange, pink or green.


On 12mm sleepers, sterling silver or 9k gold 

Beatrice Earrings
Beatrice Earrings
Sterling Silver
9K Gold
Dark Blue
Light Blue
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  • Sizing & Care Instructions

    Please review the ring sizing page if you don't know your ring size, as there is a comprehensive explanation of how to find your size using multiple methods. If your size is not listed in the drop down menu please send a follow up email with your size and order number.

    To clean your pieces, try removing tarnish with a soft, nonabrasive cloth or toothbrush with some low acidic detergent. Avoid commercial silver cleaners.