Talon Earrings
Talon Earrings

Talon Earrings

The Talon Earring, a fierce and alluring accessory that exudes an air of untamed power and primal elegance. 

The carved contours mimic the powerful grasp of a predator's claw. This earring is a testament to the untamed spirit within you, a symbol of your own inner strength and fierce determination.

Crafted from recycled sterling silver, the Talon Earring's lightweight construction allows for effortless wear. Let this earring become an extension of your personality, accentuating your unique style with its edgy and captivating presence.

With its powerful design and captivating presence, it becomes a symbol of your resilience and determination. 

Orders can take up to 3 weeks to make.

Talon Earrings
Talon Earrings
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    To clean your pieces, try removing tarnish with a soft, nonabrasive cloth or toothbrush with some low acidic detergent. Avoid commercial silver cleaners.